Workshop Titles and Descriptions are below by Presenter. Click to expand and view. All Workshops are By Donation except for James Gilliland’s (Keynote Speaker).

James Gilliland, International Lecturer, Author, Counselor

CE-5 : Exploring your multidimensional self, how to have your own contact.

Everyone will take away something different depending on their awareness and receptivity most have life changing experiences

Steve Cephalo

My creative and esoteric journey

Live portrait Q&A talk with Steve Cefalo

Xi EarthStar Healer

Oracle Medicine Ceremony (Saturday afternoon)

A celestial sound healing ceremony, incorporating aspects of multidimensional healing on our personal, planetary and galactic bodies. A collective grid-work experience - an opportunity for us to Revel in the Delight of the Heavenly Realms, accessing higher dimensional aspects of our Self, creating space to embody these vibrations authentically, and anchoring these frequencies into the planetary and collective grids.

Jennie Byers

Light Language Communication

Remembering how to communicate through Light language, our first language, the universal language of consciousness, to bridge the gap between inter-dimensional communication.

Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, EEM-AP

Inner Journeys Trauma Release

Energy Fusion Mindful movement warmup… gentle, self-honoring & relaxing energy exercises. Experience enhanced flow combining  Alexander Technique, Yoga/ Breath work, & Chakra mindfulness.

Review Ellen’s Energy Tools to integrate Core awareness and healthy energy boundaries.

Trauma Release Exercises - clear cell level emotional pain, trauma, fear; group sharing, Q & A, and an inner journey Guided Imagery Divine guidance Meditation…connect with a sense of Core Star inner clarity & peace!

Bring your own Yoga mat or blanket. Contact Ellen to discuss if you have any trauma concerns prior to this class.

More information is available on her website. Ellen is available during the conference for a limited # of sessions. Suggested donation $40

Marnie Muller

The Great Awakening of the “Eye of the Soul” With Experiential Sacred Geometry

“You amuse me,” said Plato, “you who think I am imposing impractical studies upon you… Yet it is with these studies -sacred geometry- that you awaken the Eye of the Soul which is worth more than 10,000 regular eyes.”

Find out why sacred geometry is “sacred” and related to human consciousness. Get comfortable working “hands-on” engaging Head, Heart and Hands with the classical geometry tools of architectural compass and straight edge to bring forth contemplative, classical drawings of “Squaring of the Circle” and “The Golden Proportion.” Also Q & A Powerpoint: Exploring the Art and Science of Sacred Geometry Principles through Images: cymatics, harmonics, frequencies, flowforms, carbon-60, Earth grid, labyrinth, Nature’s patterns. Review of dynamic resources.

Arlyn Ruddy

Arlyn’s infoSound Meditation

Many have heard the term sound bath or sound meditation before as they have been growing more in popularity. Here we will be learning how the sound vibrations and frequency affect our body as a whole and enhance mind, body, and soul connection. Sound immersions tune us inward and connect us to our very own energetic signature making this modality an incredible tool in what we deem soul work or self mastery. This will be a short presentation with an hour long live sound meditation with gongs and crystal singing bowls. Make sure you dress comfortable and bring a yoga mat, blankets and pillows if desired. Get ready to raise your vibration to the stars!!!.

Simon Esler

Gazing Techniques to Explore Infinity

Suggested donation $40

Alex Bloom, PhD

Secrets of Successful Redpilling: Master How to Engage with Normies using Science-Based Principles

From this workshop, participants will walk away with a greater understanding of how those who are not yet awake think, how to construct talking points that lead to productive conversations, and how to effectively manage conversations when they begin to escalate. We will also discuss both explicit and subtle ways to redpill. And, of course, memes will be thoroughly explored. You won’t want to miss this! Suggested donation $39.

Matthew Aaron Mournian

Multidimensional Intuitive Activation and Energy Body Alignment

Where we will be learning about what is ACTUALLY going on in the body during this ascension process, what we need to know about it, and how we can use this knowledge to further awaken and develop our own innate multidimensional intuitive healing abilities. Participants will take part in a brief group energy clearing AND receive a completely unique energetic transmission to assist in activating the next stage of their chosen mission in this strange earthly realm.

Sarah Thomas

Crystal Revolution. Land Healing and the Earth Grids

Crystals are the aspect of the body of Mother Earth which is manifested in form to absorb, store, order, amplify, direct, and transmit energy. In addition, they source energy multidimensionally and then manifest potentials holographically. This trifecta of unique properties opens us up to some serious technology! This is why almost all ancient sites are built of stone and why so many paranormal phenomena happen around mountains like Shasta. A full understanding of crystals has led to great researchers being stolen from, ruined and imprisoned. The power is so great that the true potential of crystals has been kept from humanity. This workshop is one of the markers of the crystal revolution.

In this workshop, you will amp up your crystal grid game, learning to create table-top holographic grids that can cleanse, shield or raise the vibration of your home. You’ll learn how to provoke land healing with outdoor grids that clear or attract specific fields of consciousness. You’ll learn the types of Earth’s greater grids and how and why you might access those with your crystals.

Crystals are so “out there” and so grounded, and this workshop will mirror that spectrum as we take the most magical and miraculous aspects of crystals and ground it all into effective and practical building projects in your own spaces. From the crystal-curious to the advanced practitioner, all will experience an inspiring immersion in crystal knowledge via ancient Daoist texts, Kogi wisdom, and beyond. Join us for this day of synthesis, creativity, and practical knowledge for your home, land, and celestial landscapes. Suggested donation $40

Kenji Kumara

Hike With Kenji Kumara

If you feel called to attend this unique activity, you are ready to begin, or deepen, your journey of awakening. Kenji Kumara delivers spontaneous energy activations and healings that will awaken your innate abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts.

Imagine exploring sacred power spots, receiving guided activations, learning about the land, the ancestors and the healing power of Western North Carolina. Imagine tapping into this power to help your body realign to it’s original blueprint of health and well-being. Imagine what it would be like to be refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated in a aura of safety and protection. Imagine all the possibilities of rebalancing your body, mind and spirit. And, best of all, imagine having someone you can pour your heart out to and reflecting back to you who you are and giving you clarity on your life path.

Kenji is always accompanied by an incredible Healing Team from the higher dimensions, and a sense of humor inspired by his Comedy Team, so come prepared for a co-creative blissful and ecstatic experience of the Oneness of You! Suggested donation $30

Abby Lynn


Join James Gilliland and local Abby Lynn for an evening under the stars. Together, we will open our hearts, as we call in our galactic brothers and sisters to join us in celebration at this momentous time on Gaia!

Christina Lee Dobbs & Kate Chapman

Orgonite Workshop

The first half of the workshop will cover the history & uses of orgonite and Wilhelm Reich, as well as covering properties of various crystals, metals, and wire wrapping techniques. The second half will be more hands on application, and participants will be able to create a piece for themselves. “Do it yourself” starter kits will be available for sale to make orgonite at home.

Roger Richards

Christ Consciousness = Quantum Consciousness

Roger will be talking about Quantum Consciousness in relationship to Christ Consciousness, the 4th Density Social Memory Complex and Ascension into this reality for earth. These things are heavily tied to the artist and creator in each of us, and he will be giving some practical tools and experience to help support others in interpreting and integrating these experiences into their own lives.

He can give a little teaser trailer of the film he is currently working on, and some behind scenes footage of the project along with take Q&A’s regarding his work. Unfortunately the entire film will not be ready by the event.