Camp Disclosure Aug 26-29 2021 Helen GA


Greetings and Salutations Starbrothers and SistArs~

You are invited to join us for Camp Disclosure the weekend of August 21st.

In a quickly shapeshifting New Paradigm 2021 in a galactic timeline there is an unprecedented evolutionary conscious Awakening happening on your planet, Spaceship Earth Gaia Pachamama.

It’s about past time for the starseeds to shine and open up the mindseyes of the blind.

Seek and you will find truth that will shake you to your root of HUEman & Starkind..

Come reboot, transmute and transcend at a Galatic Starseed family reunion in the the Unity of communion.

We will be delving into deeper realms of Truth.

Exposing and disclosing information in our ever-increasing 3D technosociety into the 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th….density…

This will be

3 days in the beautiful sacred mountains of North Georgia.

Surrounded by elemental & starbeings.

Come meet other like-minded Star family

& breathe deep the Mountain Air in meditation and raising the collective vibration.

A time for celebration, ceremony, calling in harmony birthing the vision of New Earth.

Powerful speakers and presenters will delve in deep to knowledge and speak information that you seek.

For the focus and purpose of elevation and evolution of consciousness among all of us into the oneness.

Time for visionary illumination of TranscenDance in the new paradigm with Sound Alchemy & sacred bass frequencies.

Let your divine soulspArk authentic light shine as you break open the head, open your mind and knock off the cobwebs and redefine as the stars align…..

We will see you there!

RSVP limited tickets $369

Beautiful accommodations and camping options.
Sacred fire
Interactive flow Arts
Mind’s eye visuals of other dimensions
Galactic transmission transmissions
Transformational music
Quad sound system
Audio Alchemy
Visionary art
Unique vendors
Food at the indoor dining hall

This will be an indoor outdoor event with multiple accommodation options, including cabins, the Lodge at Unicoi, camping at Unicoi, and local hotels.

Time to book your intergalactic planetary vacation had a beautiful intimate star seed reunion!

We expect this event to sell out fast get your tickets while they last…

Channeled by:


Lady Nina shekinah of the Pleiades


Unicoi State Park near Helen, Georgia

We will be hosting at Unicoi State Park near Helen, Georgia. This venue features the beautiful 53-acre Unicoi Lake nestled between the mountaintops and has gorgeous trails to Helen and Anna Ruby Falls. It’s convenient from Atlanta and centrally located near mountain towns such as Helen, Dahlonega, Hiawassee and Sautee Nacoochee in northern Georgia.

Lodge Rooms, Cabins, RV and tent camping at primitive campsites are available at When making reservations, please use the code 09754 for a discount.

What to Bring

Lawn chairs
picnic blankets
night vision goggles
yoga mats
rain gear
bug spray
high-vibe energy!