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Sonic Alchemy (Musicians)

Silent Duality

Know yourself under the aspect of Eternity – D

Silent Duality is the philosophical and musical form, referring to the duality that is silently present from the moment we enter existence, to the moment we leave it. It allows the universe in which we find ourselves to exist, for duality is the framework through which consciousness is able to be.

Duality silently hides the music of existence.
This Duality is expressed in every aspect of the universe, from the dualities of light & dark, male & female, down to the duality that creates your being, the principle duality of mind & matter.

Know Thyself…

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Scott Houston

Scott delivers his sound that is deep and sacred. Seamlessly blending hypnotic, minimal tech & shamanic medicine song to transform dark, instrumental harmonies into light. Through these vibrational experiences we receive an opportunity to transcend culture, emotion, time, and space as a means for accessing our fullest capacity as embodied beings.

With over a decade of utilizing dance as a healing modality, accredited 5Rhythms Teacher host of Ecstatic Dance – Scott facilitates dances, classes, and workshops all over the world. As a seasoned an Atlanta-based, turntablist and sound selector.

Scott Houston’s SoundCloud page

Mr. Malone

Mr.Malone is Robert John Malone a Music Producer, Artist & Visionary with an extensive portfolio in the A/V Industry & Intelligent Dance Music Community. Over the last decade his works and popularity have begun traversing the globe as he’s been sharing his music & insights on the Sacred Spirit of Sound at renowned transformational festivals, wellness expo’s & yoga teacher trainings.

Over the past decade he’s released music on several International Record Labels including SONY Music, Ministry of Sound, & Nervine Records. As well as released remix projects along side some electronic music’s founding fathers including Kieoki & Rabbit in the Moon.

Over the Years the combination of practicing yoga and meditation lead Robert to the field of Sound Healing. Where using Principles Anatomy, Physiology, Acoustics, Physics & Sympathetic Resonance a Practitioner can learn Simple yet Highly effective methods using Sound for helping an individual go from a fight or flight stressed state to a calm relaxed state of being usually within a few minutes. Many of these principles Robert Uses within his music thus the Genre title IDM ( Intelligent Dance Music ).

Mr. Malone on Soundcloud

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Intrinsic artist


Intrinsic aka Jesse Spainhour, creates and mixes a full-spectrum of psychedelic electronic music spanning all tempo, time-signature and structure from deep chillout sounds through breakbeats infused with middle eastern influences, to psybreaks and full-on/ forest psychedelic trance.

With a keen interest in controller-ism and unconventional tools, he has been known to mix and manipulate sounds using peripheral devices including midi controllers, wii remotes, joysticks, P5 gloves, and kinect cameras.

With more than 20 years experience as a dj and over 15 years producing electronic music, his compositions and mixes maintain a consistency conducive to moving meditation.

original music:
other projects (with Kri Samadhi):::Pulsewave:


“Sounds to relax you and open the doors to sonic escape. This is what TUFOE does.

The Unified Force of Electromagnetism…TUFOE comes to you from within you..all around you the vibrational frequency of the soul…of the self.

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Sophrosyne, derived from the word Sophron, is an Ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind.

There must be balance for one to find peace within themselves. With the sounds of Downtempo Bass music, Deep Dub and sounds alike, Sophron creates a balanced blend of soulful bass music to ensnare the body and mind into a transcendent state of balanced bliss.


Flint Blade

Flint Blade creates uplifting “Jambient” soundscapes using his voice, the Chapman Stick two-handed tapping instrument. and various world instruments.Based in South Floridaand a diverse array of musical styles from cultures around the world – especially dub reggae and psychedelic music with healing intentions. Flint loves improvisation.
“Quiet Storm” music video

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Soma Alchemy

ECSTATIC SOMATIC: Breathe in Beats
Ecstatic Dance taken to the next level with SOMA Breath. Facilitated by Kyle
Let us come together through Breath and Dance.
Dream New Earth.
This Ecstatic Dance Journey will be guided using SOMA Breathwork techniques to a rhythm to SUPERCHARGE, bringing you into heightened states of consciousness. Shake off the old, and Breathe in the New!
Breathe in Beats: Diverse frequencies binaural brainwave beats weaved into one magical moment for you to enjoy more bliss, more connection, and the peak HUEman experience, we take you on an audio journey that combines live and electronic music with our famous SOMA breathing techniques for reaching healing & ecstatic states.

His sonic palate is diverse and will rock you to the next dimension…
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