Awakening Ascension Consciousness

August 27th – 31st, 2020

In beautiful Flat Rock, Western North Carolina, near Asheville

Camp Disclosure

An Amazing Live-stream deal at just $44 for the entire weekend including all main stage, 2nd stage & 3rd stage events from opening ceremony music by Rachel Farris and keynote presentation by James Gilliland to closing ceremony by Xi Earthstar Healer and Simon Esler and everything in between. Also ‘sneak peeks’ of behind the scenes at camp!


James Gilliland, Xi Earthstar Healer, Simon Esler, Matthew Aaron Mournian, Alex Bloom, Deserie Foley, Teana Iron Bird, Roger Richards, Ciel Walko, Sarah Thomas, Arlyn Ruddy, Ellen Farrell, Steve Cefalo, Alexis Buck, Jennie Byers, Kate Chapman, Sheryl Arbogast, Kenji Kumara, Marnie Muller, Christina Lee Dobbs, Abby Lynn & Ross Feinstein

Including a musical performance by Rachel Farris!

With main stage host: Jayse Kulesa and live-stream hosts: Nahanni Johnstone and Laura Hawk
And special appearances by Tyler Kiwala and Aaron Kuhn of Journey 2 Truth Podcast!

We are super honored to be a part of such a special gathering and feel all who are drawn to co-create this event with us are doing so with a ‘service to others’ intention - ie. we are not trying to make any money from this event but rather offer the event to the community as our gift to the thought leaders and meta-physical activists on the front lines which is why we have chosen to offer this 4 day live-stream for such a low price. We believe this is also a gift to humanity on Earth and beyond, because as we raise our vibration and clear out old matrix programming from our collective consciousness, the world and the universe benefits. This is more than lectures, our presenters will be offering interactive presentations intended to activate and heal those ready to receive whether in person or via live-stream. Energy transcends physical boundaries and your online presence will be felt and shared with the in-person attendees and vice versa. Be a part of this inaugural gathering of star-seeds at Camp Disclosure – join us via live-stream on August 27th -31st! The live-stream will be available for viewing for 6 months!

Camp Disclosure: Awakening Ascension Consciousness is a unique opportunity to gather in a more intimate (limited to 122 participants because of Covid-19–originally 250) and interactive way with your ‘Disclosure community” soul tribe. We will be blessed with cutting edge speakers, skills training workshops, CE-5 experience opportunities, inspiring art, uplifting music, delicious food, fun and enlightening activities for children, and a contagious, high vibe aimed at pushing the dialogue, shifting the paradigm, and forging a path to the New Earth where the extraordinary is not only honored but celebrated!

During our time together, we will hear about suppressed healing and energy technology, learn to hone and honor our meta-physical power both individually and as a collective and raise the vibration of the planet by raising our own vibration through mind, body and soul practices.

Camp Disclosure Safety and Compliance Plan

The health and safety of everyone involved with Camp Disclosure is very important to the organizers of this event! We have worked hard in conjunction with Highland Lake Cove to develop a safety and compliance plan to ensure that all is being done to protect the health of all attendees, employees, volunteers and contractors of Camp Disclosure and Highland Lake Cove.

In compliance with state mandated restrictions we will follow these guidelines:

· No large crowds – avoid groups of more than 25 outdoors or more than 10 indoors.

· Maintain social distancing whenever possible.

· When social distancing is not possible, wear a face covering.

· Wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer provided frequently.

· Have your temperature taken daily.

We do recognize that the state mandate does allow for many exemptions and in alignment with the mandate we will follow the honor system and assume those not wearing masks are exempt. Allowed exemptions include: “any medical or behavioral condition including trouble breathing”.

If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus – fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste or hearing, dry cough, headache, sore throat or unusual fatigue – then we will ask you to self-quarantine and watch the event via the free livestream link provided.

We appreciate your conscientious adherence to these guidelines so that we may maintain a safe and healthy environment!

Now sit back, relax, and ……..Enjoy the Show!




The Venue has Changed! Details below–same property, different area & owners, Highland Lake Cove

We will be hosting at the spiritual Highland Lake Cove in Flat Rock, NC. This venue features a pristine lake with incredible scenery & wildlife, nearby hiking trails and cabins available to rent for the weekend as well as camping on site. The retreat center’s 58 acres include a small working farm, gardens, walking trails, a 30 acre lake with canoes, and private meeting facilities. Retreat accommodations range from private retreat style rooms and camp cabins to well-appointed 2 and 3 BR cottages.

Limited rough cabins and camping are available at Camp Disclosure will be the ONLY event happening on site that weekend. The Main Stage events will be held out of doors with tents, and a couple smaller indoor events will be limited as to how many people can attend, but the livestream will be available to all attendees for all speakers for six months past the conference.

There are also multiple places to stay nearby, as well. (see Nearby Accommodations below).

Peacock on rail at main lodge

Nearby Accommodations

Highland Lake Properties (on the same property, very convenient) Mention that you’re with “Camp Disclosure” to receive best rate!

Holiday Inn & Express (less than 5 minutes down the road)

The Mountain Lodge (less than 5 minutes down the road)

Park Place RV Park (less than 5 minutes down the road)

Orchard Lake Campground (Tent camping in nearby Saluda)

Wilderness Lake Campground (Tent camping in nearby Saluda)

Silver Creek Campground (Tent camping in nearby Saluda)

Nearby Bed & Breakfasts (Airbnb)


Click below on the thumbnails to see each day’s schedule at full size.

Key to Schedules

Wednesday – Thursday





Livestream Tickets

Livestream Tickets are also available for purchase–Weekend livestream from Thursday – Sunday closing ceremony included in the $44 ticket price! Click the purple button to go to the Specialty Livestream site through which the livestream will be enabled.

(This link will open in a new tab on the livestream site.)

Featured Speakers

James Gilliland

James Gilliland

Keynote Speaker, Author, and Owner of ECETI Ranch

James is an international lecturer, a minister, counsellor, multiple near-death experiencer, song writer, “Annunaki Return with Out Back Gypsies”, contactee, bestselling author of Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, The Ultimate Soul Journey and Annunaki Return.

He is the founder of ECETI Ranch, ECETI Stargate You Tube, hosts As You Wish Talk Radio on BBS, has appeared numerous times on Coast to Coast, where he was the first to do an extremely successful Global Intention Experiment for contact. He also appeared on Midnight in the Desert, Jeff Rense, Fade to Black and too many others to document.

He is the host of the documentaries Contact Has Begun 1 & 2, The Uncontrolled Narrative, has been featured in Ancient Aliens Mt Adams with John Vivanco, the History Channel, UFOs Then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, and Paranormal State. He is a facilitator of many Eastern Disciplines. A venerable Lama Rinpoche Gyatrul bestowed the name Rigdzen Norbu on James which translates to “Jewel of pure awareness.”

Ciel Walko, L.Ac., CTN

Ciel Walko, L.Ac., CTN

Future Solutions Now

For four decades, acupuncturist and naturopath Ciel Walko has been committed to assisting people in making changes for increased health and well-being. She is passionate about helping others in the rediscovery of The Three Treasures- healthy body, clear mind and peaceful heart.

Join her to experience Frequency-Based Quantum Biofeedback and Sound Therapy. We will open the “Book of You” using the sound of your voice! During the workshop we will create a unique group session for balance and harmonization using resonance biofeedback technology.

Sarah Thomas, BS, MAc, LAc

Sarah Thomas, BS, MAc, LAc

Crystal & Stone Work

Sarah Thomas, LAc is a healer and educator who owns Clarity Acupuncture in southern Appalachia and is the founder of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine. After performing over 10,000 stone and acupuncture hybrid treatments, the stones guided Sarah beyond the body and onto the Earth. A deep remembrance occurred of the meridians of Earth and the conscious grids between landforms. Sarah’s current work lies in practice with stones, crystals, scalar technology, and ceremony to employ the network of Earth and Celestial energy lines, retrieve and update incoming vibrational information, and grid the power spots on the land.

Sarah teaches yearly at Earth and consciousness conferences across the U.S., and certifies “stonalists” in thriving online certification programs rooted in a centuries-old Daoist tradition of stone medicine. Sarah is actually a crystal and, like most crystals, she embodies a fluid gender identity and is actually more of a they. Their secret name is Starwolf (shhh).

Arlyn Ruddy

Arlyn Ruddy

Sound Immersion Therapy

Arlyn is a Ascension Coach, High Frequency Energy Worker, and Sound Healer that is mindfully aware of her multidimensional self: soul, oversoul, and beyond. Super-conscious of the incredible significance of innerstanding masculine and feminine energies, and the power therein, she may be considered a modern day mystic in her approach to integration and healing.

Arlyn has spent 20 years in the holistic industry, and a lifetime of spiritual seeking that led to 3 game changing energetic movements that shifted her consciousness indefinitely.  Overall her sole purpose is to serve as a catalyst to humanity itself and individuals in the ascension/ awakening process. It is through creating safe space, facilitating, and supporting those on their own journey of self discovery that she hopes to see ALL open up to a new paradigm of Sovereignty and Wholeness

Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, EEM-AP

Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, EEM-AP

Holistic Therapy, Core Star Matrix Healing

(2001) MA in Psychology/Counseling, background as a Licensed Counselor; she first trained in Reiki in 1987, & participated thru ’06-’11 as a work scholar with the annual conference. She was a clinical counselor at SCAD, The Savanah College of Art & Design for six years, where she also coordinated wellness services.

Ellen completed a 4-year Eden Energy Medicine–Adv. Practitioner training ‘11, & has been a presenter at College counselor, Energy medicine & other conferences. She is ordained as Clergy in the Church of Spiritual Humanism, which recognizes “developing the spiritual nature of humanity”.

As a Reiki Master since ’03, EMDR trained since ’05, she’s a Psychological Intuitive/ Empath, & clairaudient, & sees the Chakra trauma stories ~ energy status, guides, angels, & helpers from the other side. Ellen’s work calls upon the highest level of Love, wisdom, & healing – & brings reconnection with Spirit & Core balance to deeply held trauma.

Ellen is available during the conference for a limited # of sessions. *more information is available on her website, & review Ellen’s Energy Tools to integrate Core awareness & healthy energy boundaries.

Facebook Holistic Therapy page

Abby Lynn

Abby Lynn

Multidimensional Healer, Galactic Intuitive, CE-5 host

As a lifelong experiencer, Abby has always had a seat at the galactic table. This knowledge of her higher self and consciousness strengthened her connection to multidimensional beings. Having experienced galactic healing centers, Abby has access to an array of healing modalities. Through her Arcturian, Lyran and Elvish connections, she channels blue light, golden light, DNA activation and voice frequency healing. Her mission is to be a bridge between dimensional beings and source code.

As a Reiki Master, TV Producer and journalist, Abby utilizes multiple mediums to reach people, as both a story teller and a teacher.

Teana Iron Bird

Teana Iron Bird

Offering Star Teachings

“Teana Iron Bird” had kept herself “hidden” within the service industry until 2012, when she was first introduced to Star Teachings. Upon implementing this ancient knowledge into her everyday life, she quickly outgrew the skin that no longer fit who she was becoming and took flight to the mountains of Western NC to share these simple yet profound teachings and suggestions and cultivate a community there. It was within these many transitions that she was recognized as the “Iron Bird”; the first in flight.

Star Teachings are lessons about how to live in a sacred way, in a way that helps us to be together, to respect ourselves, each other, and the world that has been entrusted to our care. They are an ancient way of attuning yourself to our planet and the universe to be in the flux of the Natural order of things. These teachings have been held sacred by the Mi’Kmaq people and shared through oral storytelling always. 2012 was the first time these teachings crossed the threshold into non-native culture.

Nahanni Johnstone

Nahanni Johnstone

Sacred Storytelling & Creativity Coach

Nahanni has worked in the entertainment industry for 35 years, as a model, actress, coach and writer. She has explored healing modalities, channeling, past life regression and contact with our ED & ET family and the Divine through meditation and writing. Her mission is to bring the Sacred into storytelling through modern technology.

Her workshop will be experiential, exploring choosing and working with “The Muse” through automatic writing, to create stories, content for inspired entertainment and personal guidance. Pens and notebooks provided!

Steve Cefalo

Steve Cefalo

Artist of Sphere Being Alliance graphic novels

Steve’s lifelong relationship with both fine art and illustration began in childhood. As a child, he studied the art forms of traditional oil painting, animation, the graphic arts and comics.

A graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts and Indiana University, Stephen counts world-class artists Steven Assael, Max Ginsburg, and Nelson Shanks among his teachers. 

Steve exhibits and is collected nationally.  He is frequently published in popular art magazines as both a featured artist and columnist.  His work as Rugrats artist at Nickelodeon and assistant painter for pop artist, Jeff Koons contributed to his breadth of artistic knowledge.  Formerly an instructor  at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Stephen currently Illustrates for Corey Goode’s graphic novels and other disclosure-related projects.

Matthew Aaron Mournian

Matthew Aaron Mournian

4th Density Ascension Briefing and Intuitive Activation Workshop

Matthew is a Multidimensional Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader specializing in the clearing, balancing, and removal of negative energetic manifestations from the body. His current mission is to assist with healing the human body and our collective consciousness through the activation of the expanding multidimensional intuitive healing abilities that exist within each of us.

Xi Earthstar Healer

Xi Earthstar Healer

Ground crew intel & Ceremony

Xi Earthstar is a shamanic healer, medicine singer, multi-dimensionality coach and self-healing guide.  Xi’s starseeded soul spent recent life times studying light-field genetics and creation mechanics, for these skills she was invited to craft Starseed DNA for many wanderers on Earth today.  Her work is supported by light technologies, accessing dimensions of reality beyond traditional styles of healing.  Xi is a ceremony facilitator, who teaches others how to access our higher consciousness and psychic capabilities to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty, and move into a Life of Purpose.

Xi is offering 1 transmission and 1 oracle healing ceremony. Example transmission from Portal to the New Earth.

Deserie Foley

Deserie Foley

Trauma Therapy & Healing

Deserie Foley is the assistant director to PACTS, International ( people against covert torture and surveillance). PACTS, International started in December, 2015 when a group of concerned targeted individuals gathered to continue activism efforts towards our freedom from covert torture and harassment, also known as electronic harassment.

Deserie’s and her organization’s goal is to educate the general public about these technologies and obtain help for those captured in this virtual matrix.

Deserie will be also sharing her story and how to heal from extreme trauma and her spiritual awakening.

Alexis Buck

Alexis Buck

Head of the Children's Program

This year’s Camp Disclosure activities includes a children’s program! I currently host a large cross-platform blog called Ascension Diaries about Earth’s electromagnetic weather and the impact on the population’s consciousness. I work to help forge a stronger connection with our abilities to sense and communicate with Nature.

I have a background of Psychology and Education so I will be working with the children to engage them with nature, their bodies, and to their imagination over the days together. I want to encourage parents to bring a backpack, journal, proper all terrain footwear, and writing utensils so we may do drawings and writings together.

We hope to continue offering support to the young ones so they may grow wise and strong! Happy to be co-creating this event to include everyone.

Jennie Byers

Jennie Byers

Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Galactic, Light Language Translator

Jennie incarnated remembering how to interpret light language naturally, and has experienced inter-dimensional communication throughout her life. As a teenager she was visited and taught by her Native American spirit guide, Silver Spoon. He showed her how to protect herself as she walked between worlds. He explained that she would be doing this for many others and needed a deeper understanding of the unseen realms.

In 2011, Jennie was visited by her galactic family/higher self from Sirius. Three beings of her galactic family explained that they wished to “integrate” her human mind with her spirit mind. The purpose of this integration enabled Jennie to become a pure vessel for higher consciousness information to flow through her and to be attuned to higher vibrational realms. She is able to connect and act as a translator between these ascended realities for an intelligence they call the “Living Light”. This is “forgotten” information being brought back to us through these ascended beings and is needed in our current timeline to assist with our own ascension process.

Together she and her galactic family as well as her earth mother, assist those who desire to activate their multi-dimensional ability to connect directly into higher dimensions. She offers private or group sessions, where “spirit” guides the experience of a vortex/zero point energy journey into the quantum field of higher dimensional realities.

Jennie, is the founder of Spirit Reunions Sanctuary, a 15 acre educational and spiritual retreat for healing and community located in the Cherokee Mountains of East TN.

Ross Feinstein

Ross Feinstein

CEO/Founder of EASE

Ross Feinstein, the CEO and founder of EASE Recovery Group, has dedicated his life to truth. In his own struggle to find freedom from addiction, Ross realized that the current rehab model was one that kept people sick and alone while billions of dollars were being generated on the backs of their suffering. Ross knew there had to be a better way. After his 13th time in rehab, Ross committed to finding a new path. With the intention set, it was only a matter of time before he met Jim.

Fast forward… Ross is living the life that those in rehabs and the rooms of AA told him was impossible. They said there was no cure, and he sought to prove them wrong. As it turns out, the answer was there all along, being missed by those seeking a higher power outside of themselves. For him, EASE is more than a business; it’s his life’s mission

Rachel Farris

Rachel Farris


Rachel Farris is a singer, songwriter, and international recording artist with an extensive background in the mainstream music industry. Rachel’s career highlights include a Top 40 hit song, “I’m Not the Girl”, sharing the stage with All-Star Acts, being featured on LidRock- her songs distributed to millions, and a write up in Billboard Magazine praising her songwriting. Recognizing the mainstream music industry was ultimately a trap for creative souls, Rachel chose to walk away from her life’s work and passion several years ago.

While she always searched for truth and saw life as a journey to find it, it wasn’t until Rachel went back to college to study religions, mass media, political science, and history, that she began to fully awaken to the even greater deception and web of lies and control surrounding us. She found everything was connected, from music to politics to religion to science, and learned how to critically think.

Rachel later experienced a life altering spiritual awakening that has eclipsed all previous knowledge and feels compelled to share her insights and experiences to hopefully point others in the direction for their own spiritual awakening. Rachel supports others on their unique journey to truth and on their spiritual path through her Promising Music also, so that we as the human collective can consciously stop dividing ourselves and create a more loving world.

Simon Esler

Simon Esler

Full Disclosure Activist, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Life-Cycle Celebrant®

Simon Esler is a Full Disclosure Activist, healer,  energy practitioner, researcher, writer, actor, philosopher, father and adept student of experience.

He is ordained by the government of Ontario as a Metaphysical Minister of the Bancroft Center for Awakening Spiritual Growth. As a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant he is trained in the art of custom ceremony creation and through Rainbow Kids Yoga he is certified in the art of creating children’s meditations. He is an alumni of York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies.

He is currently producing Worlds Within, a weekly series on and is a co-host on He has been a speaker at consciousness and UFOlogy events in Toronto, California and Colorado.

Alex Bloom, Ph.D.

Alex Bloom, Ph.D.

Camp Counselor

Dr. Alex Bloom is a licensed psychologist and has been working with clients for well over a decade. He obtained his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University (where he also teaches) and specializes in both anxiety and mindfulness meditation. He has conducted and presented research on mindfulness and lectured both nationally and internationally on the subject.

Alex runs a number of weekly psychoeducation groups, which include such diverse topics as chronic pain, positive psychology and the science of happiness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and mindfulness meditation.

Over the past several years, he has taken a particular affinity to memes and has started a number of offshoot groups focusing on various meme subjects. Alex is currently finishing an online course and subsequent book on bridging psychology and spirituality together in a unique and accessible way. The processes he describes will pave the way for many to have their own ineffable experiences with the Divine by following simple, yet cutting-edge, principles.

Alex’s YouTube Channel

Kenji Kumara

Kenji Kumara

Quantum Lightweaver, DNA activation and children’s mediation/art

Kenji Kumara, 73, is a Vet and moved to Asheville, NC 14 months ago from Sedona, AZ to help clean up the grid system and historical North Carolina energy. He has been in the field of consciousness, energy medicine and alternative healing arts for over 5 decades.

He holds a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, a bachelors degree in Humanistic Psychology from Sonoma State University and teaching credentials Pre School-6th Grade (CA and WA). Kenji’s specialty is spiritual emergence and awakening for the new generation of way-showers and emissaries of peace.

He is in private practice as an empowerment coach and offers in home services, online activations, retreats and his signature training program. Kenji is the creator of Quantum Lightweaving LLC.

Jayse Kulesa

Jayse Kulesa

Official Host and Activist for Expanded Consciousness

Jayse is a passionate disclosure and ascension advocate who researches spiritual, historical, cosmic, and political sciences. Drawing connections between the physical and the metaphysical, Jayse uses his platform ‘Cosmic Origins’ to encourage alternative perspectives and to discuss information about our multidimensional capabilities and our true cosmic origins.

Jayse co-created the “Divine Sovereign Beings” podcast with his partner Alexis Buck to discuss and reflect on many of these topics with balanced divine masculine and feminine energies. Jayse also enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments, as well as DJing conscious dance music, and seeks to help bring music and dance to the New Earth.

Jayse’s Facebook Page

Marnie Muller, MLA

Marnie Muller, MLA

Teacher of Sacred Geometry

Marnie will be teaching a workshop on The Great Awakening of the “Eye of the Soul” with Experiential Sacred Geometry

Find out why sacred geometry is “sacred” and get comfortable working “hands-on” with the classical geometry tools of compass and straight edge.

Marnie has taught at Academy of Sacred Geometry, NYC; Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center; NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Her Art Exhibits include: Vector Equilibrium Art and Icosahedral Art at Ideas + Inventions: Exploring the Genius of R. Buckminster Fuller; One-person Math/Art Show: Music of the Primes, AVL; Extensive study of the work of Rudolf Steiner who encourages the development of deeper organs of perception.

Christina Lee Dobbs

Christina Lee Dobbs

Orgonite Artist

Christina was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1981. She had an awakening experience in 2017 after a near death experience. She discovered the Law of One material, and soon became fascinated with the healing powers of crystals and the pyramid shape. In 2018, she  found the work of Wilheim Reich, and learned to make her own orgonite in 2019. Christina makes and sells orgonite in Beaufort, North Carolina.
Kate Chapman

Kate Chapman


In 2016, tumbling rocks with her son led to a passion for crystals and stones. Kate merges her professional experience and expertise with resin, crystals, and other materials to create orgone pyramids and esoteric designs.

Working for the US Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician, she received a B.A. in psychology. Her training in the USN gave insight into the bodily effects of EMF and frequencies and evinced an interest in the harmonizing influence of orgone energy.

Kate’s studio is in Asheville, NC

Sheryl Arbogast, RN

Sheryl Arbogast, RN

Registered Nurse, Spiritual Experiencer and Healer

With four decades of Nursing practice in allopathic, Western Medicine, Sheryl Arbogast had an epiphany that sent her crashing through the back door into the world of Alternative Medicine. This journey began with an incredibly strong, physically fit young lady, and progressed into a nightmare of maladies that nearly destroyed her mind, body, and spirit. A host of autoimmune disorders slowly and insidiously led to severe disability, and to the very brink of desire for death to relieve the suffering. It became painfully clear that all of the health issues were caused by poisoning from soft and heavy metals.

A miracle occurred in 2017, in the form of a Heart Chakra Activation. This enlightenment became the driving force to recognize and reverse the effects of having received around 90 doses of vaccines, along with toxic level exposure to fluoride. TOXINS are the cause of many diseases from which nearly everyone suffers. Using herself as a guinea pig, she began to undo the damage of Metal and Mineral Toxicity through chelation. Having cured herself of at least 4 autoimmune conditions and weaning off all pharmaceuticals, this event will share with you the tools and secrets you need to HEAL YOURSELVES.

Extracurricular Activities around Camp

Besides workshops and lectures, we’ll have attractions around camp on various schedules–some during the day, and others at night, including a Healing Tent featuring various speakers in their healing modalities, CE5s, Journey To Truth’s Experiencer Lounge, Campfire drumming & guitar/singing jams, QiGong, and more!

Journey to Truth Experiencer’s Lounge

Come share your experiences at the ‘Journey To Truth Podcast - Experiencers lounge’ with Tyler Kiwala and Aaron Kuhn. This is a great opportunity to share your story with the world as the J2T boys will be compiling your experiences for a Camp Disclosure highlight video! Also come hang for a live podcast featuring some of your favorite speakers.

Music Lineup

Hot Club of Asheville (gypsy jazz), Jayse Kulesa (DJ), Ryan Fair (singing bowls), Louis Virie Blanche (galactic rock), Rusty James (pan drums)

Walk The Labyrinth

Kid’s Corner

Ages 4+

Alexis Buck will head our Children’s Program, and plans to have a meeting space for when the kids gather up each day. There will be lots of walking around the grounds as well as activities, including stretching, meditation, and of course games!

Items List for each Child:

  • Water bottle
  • Proper walking shoes
  • A backpack or bag
  • Sketchbook
  • Writing utensil or markers


  • Warm up & Stretching
  • Drinks & Dreams Circle
  • Nature walks
  • Art (and Art Show!)
  • Discussion
  • Expression Game
  • Imagination/Meditation
  • Cool Down Game & Drinks

What to Bring


  • Lawn chairs
  • picnic blankets
  • night vision goggles
    • yoga mats
    • instruments
    • rain gear
    • bug spray
    • high-vibe energy!